I was raised on a homestead in northern Alberta, Canada and spent much of my time on the back of a horse.  I did a few rather crazy, and sometimes dangerous, things back then for entertainment.  Probably the most life threatening was running my favorite horse, shown on the right, down the ditch of a busy highway, bareback, with nothing but a baler twine around his nose for control.  I still shake my head at that one.  

Some would say that we lived a bit of a backwoods lifestyle.  We did most things by hand and didn't have running water.  For several years we also lived without electricity.  To this day, I still sometimes turn off the switches and light a lantern or two, just to feel the comforting memories of the past.  It was during those early years that I learned the value of family, working together, enjoying life and staying close to my roots. 

A couple of years after college I loaded up my horses and moved to southern Nevada.  I know that sounds a bit random, but it's really not. You see, much of my family lives in the States and we drove down to see them fairly regularly, so I'd been there quite a few times and it already felt like home.  Soon after moving there, I met my wonderful husband, he having returned to his hometown after living down in southern Louisiana for a while.  We were blessed with three beautiful children, and eventually moved back up north.  I still feel torn sometimes because both locations feel like home, but we can't be in two places at once, much to my disappointment.  

One of my biggest obsessions, besides genealogy, is photography.  There is something touching about capturing the special moments around me, and trying to do so in an original way.  Here are a few of my favorites, taken on and around our acreage:

My love of writing began in recent years, when I became increasingly interested in researching the lives of my ancestors.  I started recording their life stories and, with that, my thoughts ran wild as I tried to figure out what past eras might have been like for these people and what adventures, heartaches and joys they might have experienced.  My love of reading historical fiction developed during this time period as well, and I especially became deeply fascinated in early American history.

There's been a lot of water under the bridge since then.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would write two full length novels, have them published and watch them climb the charts, so to speak.  It just goes to show that anything is possible if we work hard enough and persevere.

If I could give a little advice to my readers it would be to never give up on your dreams. Find something that you love to do, and keep sight of your goals until you reach them.  You can do it!

Best wishes,