Loyal readers, I thank you for your support and encouraging comments!  You are the reason I am able to do what I do!

For those who are not yet familiar with my writing, I'm glad you found me!  If you are looking for edgy, compelling stories with imperfect characters that have the power to turn your emotions upside down and will remain in your thoughts long after the last page is read, you have come to the right place!

My main focus is to develop layered characters who make mistakes or have a troubled past, but find a way to rise above their trials and heal.  I strive to create captivating stories that dig deeper and explore difficult situations or topics, while staying within the moral bounds of Inspirational Fiction.  My take on it is that bad things happen in real life.  To pretend that they don't would not be an accurate portrayal of what my characters' lives might have been like, nor would it give me the opportunity to show their growth.

As an author of Historical Fiction, it is very important to me to ensure that my readers experience past eras in an accurate way.  That is why I spend hours upon hours researching, pinning down exact locations and exploring actual events, before creating my stories.  I want you to feel like you are there, living and breathing the past, experiencing both the good and the bad.

I have truly fallen in love with the characters in both of  the books I've released so far, and I can't help but feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to breathe  life into their stories.  I hope you enjoy sharing their journeys with me!

Best wishes,