Puritans and the Providence Settlement

I've taken some liberties with the history of the Puritans near Annapolis in A Trusting Heart. They settled there in about 1650 after fleeing Virginia. Though I make it sound like Providence was a village, it was really more of a group of small plantations. Upon arriving, one of the first things they did was build a meetinghouse, which still stood strong for years to come.  Thus, it still remained when Joe and Susannah arrived. The Puritans only stayed there for a few years, having been gone by 1658. Most of the original settlers either died or took up land on the other side of the river where Annapolis eventually stood. Annapolis was originally called Town at Proctor's, then Town at the Severn and later Anne Arundel's Towne.  It was renamed Annapolis in 1694, a year before this story opens. I wanted it to seem like the Providence settlement had not disappeared until after Susannah had married James and left the area, even if the timing isn’t historically correct.  Thus it would allow for her to feel unexpectedly lost and alone when she returned and found the area abandoned. Many Puritans in the Severn River area also gradually converted to Quakerism and, after much persecution, moved across the Chesapeake Bay and settled there. I thought this conversion might over complicate the story and, thus, chose not to address it.  Therefore, Susannah's parents and others, though they moved across the bay, were considered to be of the Puritan faith.