Clashes Between the Settlers and the Indians

1895 Engraving Depicting Bacon's Rebellion (1676)
I meant for the uprising which widowed the previous owner of John's plantation, as mentioned in A Willing Heart, as well as caused the tragic death of Joe’s parents and siblings in A Trusting Heart, to have coincided with Bacon's Rebellion of 1676.

This uprising began in Virginia, where they had once lived. The altercation started when a group of Indians supposedly stole some hogs from a planter, as a means of reclaiming payment believed to be owed to them. Colonists retaliated against the Indians, even killing some friendly ones of another tribe in the process, as mentioned in this story, and the situation escalated. Raids on the settlers followed and trouble continued for a time.  

So there is some historical basis to that part of the plot, though I definitely took liberties with it as well.  I don't know how brutal the attacks were on either side, but I chose to make this particular one be rather heinous, and thus it haunted Joe’s dreams and his life for a great long while afterward.

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