A Willing Heart (Souls of Indenture #1)

Dec 25, 2013
(418 pages)

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=Historical Christian Romance=
    #1 - BEST SELLER

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Explore the fascinating research around which A Willing Heart was created!

A story of healing, in a time when 
women had few rights and even fewer choices...


Following a tragic crime against her, Sarah Matthews must make a difficult decision - whether to remain at her childhood home and hope there will not be a repeat offense, or to flee in the dead of night and take her chances alone.  Though neither is a suitable option, she chooses the latter.  Little does she know that her choice will allow her to be kidnapped and forcibly taken to a ship which is bound for the colonies, where she will be sold against her will as an indentured servant.


John Clark is in desperate need of a laborer to help him with the never ending work on his tobacco plantation.  Since workers are hard to come by, he decides it is best to purchase the contract of an indentured man.  His plans take an abrupt turn, however, when he encounters, instead, a young woman on board the ship.  Her wilted, yet feisty demeanor catches his attention, and he cannot help but come to her aid by purchasing her papers.  Being a moral man, John refuses to live alone with an unwed woman.  Impulsively, he chooses to marry her before taking her home. Whether or not she likes the idea does not matter a whit.  It is his decision to make, after all.


Surely John Clark is mad!  Perhaps if she tells him of her tainted past, he will abandon this foolish idea.  After what she's been through, Sarah can't bear the thought of marriage to anyone, let alone this uncouth backwoods stranger, no matter how handsome he is.  Will she ever be able to forgive those who have wronged her so terribly, and find the will to open her heart to this man?

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